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Construction Division

Construction Division

Technical Veins specializes in expert mechanical services, focusing on pipeline construction projects such as welding, valve stations, civil earthwork, excavation, and backfilling. Supported by in-house fabrication facilities and a quality assurance team, all work meets international standards. Serving industrial facilities, Technical Veins offers pipe installation, material selection, routing design, support installation, valve selection, P&ID development, testing, painting, labeling, and insulation. The company has a skilled team of pipefitters and welders and a 32,000 sqm facility in Jubail for comprehensive fabrication and construction services.

Pipelines Construction

From main line welding to valve stations, we handle all pipeline construction phases, including excavation, bedding, padding, backfilling, and berming.


Civil Works

From Asphalt paving to concrete curb stone preparation and Jersey barrier installation, our qualified personnel and equipment are ready to deliver superior civil works.


Fabrication Facilities

Our 32,000 sqm facility in Jubail is equipped to handle pipe fabrication, construct precast foundations, structure fabrication, and offer painting and blasting services.


Industrial Facility

We work with all industrial facilities requiring pipe work, assisting with pipe installation, material selection, routing design & implementation, support design & installation, P&ID development & implementation, pipe testing, painting, labeling, & insulation.


Steel Structure Fabrication

We provide full services for the installation and fabrication of all kinds of steel structures, from medium to high complexity.


Mainline Welding

Excavation & Bedding

Right of Way Construction

RTR Pipeline Construction

Manual Excavation In Plant

Fence Installation

Pipe Lowering

Scraper & Valve Installation

Guard Rail Installation Activity


Fencing Work

Dumping Activity

Chilled Water UG Line

Installation of Foundations, Support, Pipe & Valves

Pipe Erection & Welding ISBL

Surveying Work

Work Gallery

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