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Industrial Division

Industrial Maintenance

For over 6 years, Technical Veins has supported a solid client base with a 24-hour call-out service for industrial maintenance. Our services include online fin fan cleaning services, heat exchangers and fin fan maintenance, tank maintenance, internal cleaning and re-tubing of exchangers and furnaces, pump maintenance, overhauling of all valve types, and spading/de-spading and rigging services for routine maintenance and shutdown works.



Hydro-jet cleaning, also known as hydro blasting or high-pressure washing, is the most common industrial cleaning application. Technical Veins offers expertise in both conventional and advanced hydro blasting applications. Our customized systems use various media at varying pressures and flow rates to clean surfaces, process equipment, heat exchangers, and other industrial vessels, efficiently removing foulants and built-up materials.


Bolt Tightening / Tensioning

We provide on-site hydraulic bolt tightening services, from simple bolt-up of a single flange connection to maintenance and major-shutdown site services. Utilizing the best equipment and tools, we employ the most experienced engineers in the industry. We provide hydraulic torque tools with air and electricity-driven power packs suitable for hazardous environments such as petrochemical plants and offshore platforms.


Bolt Tensioning

Hydraulic bolt tensioning offers the quickest, safest, and most accurate means of applying a specified residual load to stud bolts. It ensures uniform gasket compression for critically bolted connections in applications such as pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, compressor covers, boiler feed pumps, and anchor bolts. Technical Veins has substantial experience in providing precise calculations.


Online Fin Fan Cleaning

Heat Exchanger & Fin Fan

Right of Way Construction

Tank cleaning and descaling

Technical Bolting & tensioning

Bolt Tightening and Machining

Bolt Tightening and Torqueing